2:14 AM at the time of writing this sentence. I was just off to my bed to watch a movie or TV show till sleep came to take me away— but I decided to write up a post since it’s been a while. Things have picked up again lately, I find myself working on multiple projects several times a day, some for my own ventures and some for clients. In the end they all fall under Soaring Leads.


It’s a tough decision you know, short term vs long term. Example, I consider client work as short term earnings; I get paid as soon as I am done with the project/task and sometimes even before, whereas thinking of ways to be innovative in my country I consider long term earnings.


I’ve already began working on the Pro Version of WCDPUE and so far there are two buyers in line, it’s great news; People want to use and pay for my software, but I’m smart enough to know that it doesn’t mean the plugin will be as big as EDD at least not yet— wishful thinking right? Pro plugins are long term earnings, so these are my daily decisions:


Short Term Returns or Long Term Returns?


It’s a tough decision for me personally but I try to make it work together. I plan on having the Pro version of WCDPUE released by mid November. I have my 3rd plugin written down but I have not written 1 line of code towards it’s development as yet, I will most likely start coding it early 2017. A few other personal projects which I have in mind which I plan to implement in 2017. I don’t like planning so far ahead.


Life is unpredictable.


I’ve realized an increase in what I call Internet Entrepreneurship in St. Lucia. Within the past month two prospects have approached me asking to build/help build websites for ventures which I personally plan to implement. I take this two ways:


  • It shows that we’re moving forward in St. Lucia in terms of how people are using the internet and that there are others apart from myself trying to form meaningful web based ventures which St. Lucians could take advantage of.
  • It tells me that there’s competition.


Sadly ( or is it? ) I had to turn down both projects because it’s a conflict of interest. This also puts pressure on me, it circles back to my previous statement about Short Term Returns vs Long Term Returns. Both of these ventures are Long Term Return projects and there’s quite a bit of planning, development and execution needed to be done.


Short Term Returns or Long Term Returns? Which is better?


Let’s see how life goes.


Meet Bukowski; my favorite poet, he always makes me feel like writing again. I’ll share a few past pieces of mine in time to come.

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