Figured I should write something to start off 2017. 2016 has been an Ok year, a lot happened, I can’t really recall everything, but a lot of good, some bad. It’s a brand spanking new year; but does it really matter? I have found myself looking at a calendar less these days. Not sure if good or bad. So what are my plans? Well, as always it’s self growth and betterment. Build more useful things and play my part as a St. Lucian citizen with skills necessary to cause change; no matter how small they may be.


My nephew got married to his long time girlfriend (for about 8 years) a few days ago and it was spectacular. I was one of the groomsmen 🙂 though he’s my nephew, he’s actually older than me by a few years. I wish them all the best.




I want to do some more traveling, I have thought about visiting this particular place for a while and my mind is set—I will be visiting the United Kingdom some time later this year, I plan to skydive (lol). More on this at a later date if all goes well and God spares life.


Have you heard this phrase before? “CODE IS POETRY”, it’s basically the WordPress slogan. You could see it at the bottom of most WordPress websites where the administrators have chosen to keep it. Here’s an example of what this slogan means to a programmer like myself, the following to me is brilliant:


<?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>


Nearly came all over my keyboard, I kid. You might be used to a different type of poetry, the type I also used to write back in the day; not sure if I’m under a writer’s block or if I’m just not trying hard enough but ever since this piece I have never written another poem other than those while I’m programming 😀


I wrote this particular piece (I have multiple) more than 3 years ago, I wrote it with a Spoken Word feel, so here goes:


"Turn around.
I'm giving you this necklace as a representation of my
Its made out of silver, sterling like the love that I have
for you
Its dotted with diamonds like mine is tattooed with scars
Please wear it, as a symbol for my affection towards
Those were the words
that I whispered in your ear.
Sitting here now, I can't help but wonder, why?
What we had was so special;
A star during the day
What we had was so rare;
A phenomena like Ray, Charles
What we had was so pure;
Water through a mountain
What we had became valued;
A diamond heart chain
What we had became,weak, glass, shattered;
As you pushed me away
And all I'm left with now
Is a diamond heart chain
The same, that I gave to you on your birthday
The same, that you gave back on that dreadful day
The same, that I'll keep with me everyday
Waiting Till you come back, to take it away.
But wait am I a hopeless romantic for believing that you may
come back someday?
Oh please, come back someday.
20 diamonds and counting, 20 heartbreaks and mounting; its
silver remains sterling,
But why? Why is your love for me draining? Why is my
breathing slowing? Does my pacemaker need changing?
You were my pacemaker, no I'm lying, you are my pacemaker,
I'm dying
Because without a pacemaker, I will not be, you are my
pacemaker! Are you shitting me?
Why would you leave an emo blooming in the sunlight to
become like a gothic knight staring at the ground while he's walking down the
moonlight lit night? Why? I don't wanna be no gothic knight!
But I'm not blind to the fact that I'm emotionally
disturbed, need Cymbolta and that I like piercings and bright thingsss...I'm
But no, I, I, don't cut my wrist, I write this. This poetry,
because it cuts through my veins better than any blade would, but when you were
around me I forgot all that shit, you were my ship, keeping me afloat on a sea
of emotion.
Breaking through the tides that life laid before me, you
were there for me, so huge and outstanding you sailed but somewhere along the
way your armor got weak, you took damage and began to sink, till you couldn't
take it anymore and split! Or should I say break or should I say you were my
Titanic and like Rose I'm left with this diamond heart chain.
But I won't throw it into the sea of life, I'll keep it. Till
you come back.
But then again if you never do, I'll be happy that we
happened, I'll be happy with the memories that we made,
I'll be happy that we never faked it and forever loyal we
Today, I'll head to the Jeweler and have him add 1 more
diamond to your necklace, because that's one more tattoo to my heart.


What do you think?


This is OnCue, one of the many artistes I like listening to who haven’t blown up to the level of Drake and alike.


Till next time.

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