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Yo, so I'm a Web Developer from St. Lucia with a passion for open-source and WordPress.
This is my personal website containing some of the stuff I've built- which I find notable. It does not include my Business Projects or ventures nor Software I currently work on as part of contracts. You know, I always wondered why Web Developers' websites look unmaintained. Well, I discovered the answer as I grew as a Web Developer; We're too busy making sure our clients' sites and products are maintained. I'll redo this site one day, promise (hope so). Use my contributions graph on Github to know if I'm still around... Need some work? For business reach out on SoaringLeads.

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Totally random

uriahs victor

Oh, I understand

At this point I don’t think it would be possible to keep up the monthly blog posts, I guess I’ll just write one when I see fit. Since my last post, I’ve attended WordCamp Europe held in Paris this year, became a recognized WordPress Meetup Organizer for Saint Lucia and many more things…milestones passed, stuff learnt, […]

uriahs victor

I’m Cool, Just Been Busy

Mmhm, “busy”, not a word I like using. Every so often I’d try to talk to someone about a specific topic or ask for some information and be hit back with the saying “I’ve been so busy” or something like that. The response has always bothered me. Especially when I get it from someone I know […]

uriahs victor

So, How are You?

Phew, it’s the last day of the month and I almost didn’t get around to writing this post. I have decided to write at least one blog post a month on here. This month was a pretty busy one, I don’t think this might change anytime soon.   A goal I set for myself this […]