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Hey there, I'm a Software Developer from St. Lucia with a passion for open-source and WordPress. This is my personal website containing software I have built which I find notable, it does not include business projects. As time goes by I will surely be adding more projects to this list as I build more useful things. Read My Story.

Commercial WordPress Plugins

Those I've built so far


    WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update Emails

    • HTML Email Support
      Bundled HTML Templates
      Variable Product Support
      Email Queue Count
      Email Scheduling
      Magic Tags
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Totally random

I’m Cool, Just Been Busy

Mmhm, “busy”, not a word I like using. Every so often I’d try to talk to someone about a specific topic or ask for some information and be hit back with the saying “I’ve been so busy” or something like that. The response has always bothered me. Especially when I get it from someone I know […]

So, How are You?

Phew, it’s the last day of the month and I almost didn’t get around to writing this post. I have decided to write at least one blog post a month on here. This month was a pretty busy one, I don’t think this might change anytime soon.   A goal I set for myself this […]


So it’s now the second month in the year; January really felt long in my opinion! Maybe it’s because of all the shit which went down *cough* Trump *cough*…fuck it…yeah most likely it’s because of that and all other shit which went down around the world. Leave me in little old St. Lucia.   You […]