Back at College there was this one course that everyone dreaded – Data Communications. I on the other hand didn’t find it all that daunting, this was the perfect chance; In my degree you needed to do what was called a Tech Project, without this you would not receive your degree, it entails you showing off what you have gained from the degree during your two (2) years; both in the form of a typed project and a PowerPoint presentation. I went ahead and created a video gaming using a RPG Maker showing the game being used in a manner to educate.

There was quite a bit of logical programming in this video game which caused me to pass. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the softcopy of this project (project’s Word file).


  • Helps students learn the basics of DataCommunications while playing a video game
  • A few CompTIA Network+ Videos within game
  • Save feature
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