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I decided to work on a paid version of WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update Emails (WCDPUE), the Pro version of the plugin offers a few key additional functionalities not present in the Lite version such as HTML emails. During my time working with WordPress plugins which do anything related to sending emails; HTML email support seems to always be on the Pro list, so I used this scheme also.


WCDPUE now follows the Freemium Model which basically means it has a free version which offers all the basic needs and a Pro version if the user wants to go a bit further. Below is the comparison table between the two:



FeatureWCDPUE LiteWCDPUE ProDescription
Unique Download Access CountShows the total number of unique download access permission for the product being updated.
Schedule Update EmailSchedule email sending to customers.
HTML Email SupportSend custom HTML emails.
Email Templates
Premade HTML templates
Email Variables (Magic tags)Substitute magic tags (example: {first_name}) for real customer data.

Available magic tags: {account_url}, {account_url_trim}, {product_name}, {product_url}, {product_url_trim}, {first_name}, {last_name}

Magic tags with "trim" in them do not add "http://" to the output, these are meant for adding magic tags to elements such as buttons where it would already have a link tag.
Variable Downloadable Product Support
Supports variable downloadable products.
Product Update Confirmation
Plugin will show the amount of emails actually sent out from WordPress if the Immediate sending option is used, it will also show how many emails were scheduled to be sent if the schedule option was selected.


The plugin is listed on CodeCanyon and could be viewed by clicking the button in the table or clicking here.

Awesome Click To Tweet

My second WordPress plugin! It’s not like any other click to tweet plugin in the repository. This plugin comes with animations and lots of customizations such as fonts and templates. I have lots of ideas for it in the pipeline which will be rolled out as time goes by.




Awesome click to tweet WordPress plugin by @oh_uriahs !



TLD WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update Emails was my first officially released plugin to the WordPress plugin directory. It does the task of informing buyers of a WooCommerce downloadable product when there is an update to that product, removing the need for the buyer to come back to the website to check their purchase history for updates or emailing store owner regarding updates.

This plugin was chosen days after it was released as one of the top 3 plugins of the week on WP Tavern



Update: I have released a Pro version of this plugin, you could download it here: https://uriahsvictor.com/go/wcdpue-pro/

LiveCoding.tv Desktop Chat

LiveCoding.tv Chat box

When I found out about https://www.livecoding.tv/ I was pretty amazed. A place where programmers around the world could stream themselves coding, gamers have their own platforms, so why not Devs too? So I decided to try it out and sign out.

One thing I soon noticed was that I was using 1 screen at the time, and even with 2 screens or even though you are using your mic, it’s easy to lose site of the chat box while coding because your browser is not a top most window.

Any other window you open will overlay your browser window with the popout chat.

The solution was to create a desktop application which is set to “Always on top” and houses the Livecoding.tv popout chat box. The biggest challenge was that even though I created the always on top application housing the site, when the chat is popped out it would just open a normal chrome window— not good because that just brings us back to square one.

The solution was using a eWebBrowser library I found online. After some tweaking of my code and the library I was able to get the application working how I wanted it and that’s the story behind this app.

This isn’t an official Livecoding.tv chat application, it’s simply something I created because I thought it might be helpful to some people out there.

You could check out the source code as well as download the release from here: https://uriahsvictor.com/go/livecoding-tv-chat/

Below shows the chat box overlaying my actual code editor without being hidden while I code.

Livecoding.tv Desktop chat ontop code editor

Code while easily chatting with your viewers on Livecoding.tv with this desktop app by @DaLoneDeveloper


Blockify is a Desktop application built using VB.NET. It does the simple task of blocking access to any website. Due to the way this application functions (it adds the websites to the hosts file) some antiviruses might quarantine it. Rest assured this application is 100% safe and does not harm your computer.

You can view the source code right on github by clicking here.


  • Block access to any website.
  • Password protected unblocking.
  • Password protected closing of main application.
  • Websites still remain blocked if application is forced closed.
  • Detection of most common browsers which are opened at the time; requesting users to close them before proceeding.





dotNetUpdatify is an application updater I created to release along with my applications. In SimpleText I used ClickOnce for easy deployment and updating but I have found out that eventually this might bite me in the butt. Updatify was compiled(born). The current project consists of the Main Application, an Updater which updates the Application and a Daemon which updates the Updater.

The URL the Deamon part of the application points to is meant to never change or else you would have to inform users to download the update manually.

Visit Github Repository

Debt Collection Application

This is a debt collection application which was created specifically for OutSource St. Lucia.


  • Company Details
  • Debtor Statuses
  • Debtor Payment Plan Reminders
  • Importing and Exporting Debtor Details
  • Email Notifications
  • Transactions
  • And more…


EduCom – Educational Video Game

Back at College there was this one course that everyone dreaded – Data Communications. I on the other hand didn’t find it all that daunting, this was the perfect chance; In my degree you needed to do what was called a Tech Project, without this you would not receive your degree, it entails you showing off what you have gained from the degree during your two (2) years; both in the form of a typed project and a PowerPoint presentation. I went ahead and created a video gaming using a RPG Maker showing the game being used in a manner to educate.

There was quite a bit of logical programming in this video game which caused me to pass. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the softcopy of this project (project’s Word file).


  • Helps students learn the basics of DataCommunications while playing a video game
  • A few CompTIA Network+ Videos within game
  • Save feature